Learn how to increase your POS business and secure that credit card residual. Discover the secrets that Pros like Jerry use to develop a relationship with the restaurateur that will last a lifetime.

If you are a restaurant, have Jerry show you the ways to use your POS system as a revenue generator and not just for ordering items. Learn about the role of Social Media and how it can boost revenue beyond your wildest imagination.

The Fixer- Jerry began his consulting career back in 1990 and coined the term "Crisis Management Interventionist" when he was contracted to assist a large restaurant which had been closed down by the Department of Revenue for failing to pay taxes. The restaurant had outstanding function bookings of nearly 100 affairs when they were closed.

Under Jerry's management, the restaurant filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and all of the events were completed. Not one patron lost a dime or was disappointed and all 100 functions were completed.  In December, the property was surrendered to the back which had begun foreclosure proceedings.  While it was never possible to recover from the huge deficit that the owner's had brought on to themselves.   A Win-Win solution was created for all parties and that was the goal of the Fixer, in this situation.

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