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Jerry Cibley has been selling and marketing POS systems since 1989. He is a dynamic sales trainer and the man you want to train your sales professionals on POS.

He began his career with Post-Tron Systems based in Rhode Island. Cibley was the Southeastern Regional Manager and he sold POS to very large chain stores. Some of his customers included: Bloomingdales, Filenes, Filenes Basement, Gordon's Jewelers and many other national customers.

In 1990, Jerry founded Odyssey Solutions, Inc. one of the first Touch Screen POS companies in New England. Odyssey flourished and grew morphing into a small chain of Nextel Stores. By 2005, Jerry could see that the cell phone industry was no longer for the small entrepreneur and sold Odyssey Solutions. He then established Write Touch Point of Sale in Sharon MA. After the death of his Son Jordan, Jerry sold that company and spent a few years consulting and lobbying to enact distracted driving legislation.

Jerry has significant expertise in all types of POS, from grocery stores to consignment stores with all others in between. His first and favorite love is hospitality and he has been involved in Thousands of POS installations over the past 25 years.

Jerry has served as National Sales Trainer for Harbortouch and developed training programs for thousands of agents and ISOs. Cibley has been credited with increasing the sales of Harbortouch from a few hundred per month to nearly a thousand.

Cibley's proven techniques on selling POS will help empower you or your sales team to swim with the big fish of POS.




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